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                                          作者:高一英語組  日期/時間:2018/6/24 22:47:00  點擊:5443  我要評論



                                          1. hold one’s breath  屏住呼吸,憋住氣

                                          2. in sight 看得到

                                          3. at first sight 一見就……,初次看見

                                          4. lose one’s sight 失明

                                          5. lose sight of 不再看見;忘了;忽略了

                                          6. glance at 瞥一眼

                                          7. take a glance at 瞥一眼

                                          8. glare at 怒目而視

                                          9. stare at 盯著看

                                          10. reach out 伸出(手)

                                          11. within one’s reach 在某人能力范圍之內

                                          12. wish for 盼望,期盼

                                          13. watch out for 留心,密切注意

                                          14. keep an eye out (for) 當心,警惕

                                          15. get out 下車,泄露;出去

                                          16. come to one’s aid 救援某人

                                          17. with the aid of sb./sth. ……的幫助下

                                          18. aid sb. in (doing) sth. = aid sb. to do sth.

                                                               = help sb. do sth.


                                          19. first aid 急救

                                          20. pay back 回報

                                          21. pay … for … 付錢,為……付出代價

                                          22. pay off 付清;得到回報;取得好的結果

                                          23. sth. make sense 有道理;有意義;講得通

                                          24. sb. make sense of sth. 了解……的意義,懂得

                                          25. there is no sense/point in doing sth.


                                          26. nowhere to be seen 哪里也看不見

                                          27. hesitate to do sth. 做某事猶豫不決

                                          28. be hesitant to do sth. 做某事猶豫不決

                                          29. have much hesitation in doing sth.  做某事猶豫不決

                                          30. without hesitation 毫不猶豫

                                          31. observe sb. do sth. 觀察到某人做某事(全過程)

                                          32. sb. be observed to do sth. 某人被觀察到做某事

                                          33. observe sb. doing sth. 觀察到某人做某事(進行)

                                          34. have access to sth. 使用,可以利用……

                                          35. at a distance 有相當距離

                                          36. make out 理解;辨認出

                                          37. pick out 挑選出,辨認出

                                          38. carry out 實施

                                          39.reduce         to… ……減少到……

                                                by… ……減少了……

                                          40.recognize sb./ sth. to be 承認某人/某物是……

                                          41. recognize sb. as… ……看做……

                                          42. be ignorant of sth. 不了解,不明白真相

                                          43. attach sth. to sth. ……附在……

                                          44. attach importance/ value to 重視,認為……重要/有價值

                                          45. be attached to sth. 附屬于,隸屬于……

                                          46. be attached to sb. 熱愛,依戀某人

                                          47. attract one’s attention to…

                                          =draw one’s attention to… 吸引某人的注意力

                                          48. be attracted to sth. 喜愛,為……所吸引

                                                               v-ing 表主動

                                          49. find + 賓語 +      v-ed 表被動


                                                                to be) + 形容詞表狀態

                                          50. give sb. the chance to do sth.


                                          51. by chance/accident 碰巧;偶然

                                          52. come along 出現,到來

                                          53. stare up at 抬頭凝視

                                          54. in relief 寬慰地,輕松地

                                          55. confuse a with b ab混淆

                                          56. be anxious/ worried about ……感到擔心

                                          57. be anxious/ eager to do 急切做……

                                          58. sb./sth. is likely to do sth. 某人或某物有可能做 某事

                                          59. it is likely that… ……是可能的

                                          60. go hungry 挨餓

                                          61. go bad/blind/mad/crazy/wrong 變壞///

                                          62. go pale (臉色等)變得蒼白

                                          63. ring out (鈴聲、槍聲等)突然響起,發出響亮的聲音

                                          64. in the distance 在遠處

                                          65. make progress 取得進步

                                          66. work out a plan 制訂一個計劃

                                          67. mistake…for… ……誤認為

                                          68. roll up 卷起來

                                          69. reach into 將手伸進

                                          70. be suited to do/ be 適合做

                                          71. whisper (sth.) to sb.= whisper to sb. sth. 對某人小聲說(某事)

                                          72. in a whisper/ in whispers 低聲說

                                          73. on the contrary 正相反;恰恰相反

                                          74. contrary to ……相反;違反

                                          75. get into a panic 陷入恐慌中

                                          76. panic sb. into doing sth. 使某人倉促行動

                                          77.senses affect one another 五感之間是彼此影響的

                                          78.sign language  標識語,手語

                                          79.step out into the fog  走出來之后走進霧氣

                                          80.fear held her still 害怕緊緊地把持住了她

                                          81.come to my aid  幫助我

                                          82.be off  休假

                                          83.pay back  回饋,還錢

                                          84.at the crossroads  在十字路口,迷茫

                                          85.make a difference to xxx產生了影響

                                          86.find my way  找到我的路

                                          87.lose your sense of taste or smell  失去味覺或者嗅覺

                                          88.with a fair chance of doing sth做某事的機會很小

                                          89.be in a better position  處在更好的位子上

                                          90.remain a puzzle  仍然是未解之謎

                                          91.make sense 有道理,講得通

                                          92.sweat with fear  害怕得出汗

                                          93.nobody in sight  看不到任何人

                                          94.evidence shows that 有證據顯示

                                          95.be employed by  xxx雇傭了,被xxx利用了


                                          1.       consist of   包括 (無被動,無進行)

                                          2.       consist in = lie in 在于

                                          3.    be made up of     ……組成

                                          4.       make up 鋪床,和解,編造,湊數,補上,化妝

                                          5.       be made from……組成(看不出原材料)

                                          6.       be made of   ……組成(看得出原材料)

                                          7.       aside from=apart from (in addition/besides…) ……之外

                                          8.       name after ……命名

                                          9.       be named after 根據……命名

                                          10.   make contributions to ……做貢獻

                                          11.   mother tongue母語

                                          12.   lead to = result in =bring about = contribute to導致

                                          13.   lead sb to do使某人做某事

                                          14.   lead sb. by the nose牽著某人的鼻子走

                                          15.   lead a… life……生活

                                          16.   lead the way處于首位

                                          17.    be occupied in doing sth..=be busy in doing sth.忙于做某事

                                          18.    be occupied with sth.=be busy with sth. 忙于做某事

                                          19.   occupy oneself in dong sth. /with sth.= employ oneself in doing sth. 忙于做某事

                                          20.   take control of 控制;管理

                                          21.   be in control of 控制……

                                          22.   be in the control of sb.=be under the control of ……控制之下

                                          23.   in a broad sense從廣義上來說

                                          24.   stand  for 代表

                                          25.   stand  for  =on  behalf  of  代表

                                          26.   stand  out 脫穎而出

                                          27.   stand  by袖手旁觀

                                          28.   stand up for堅決擁護

                                          29.   in circles 兜圈子

                                          30.   inform sb of sth…告訴某人某事

                                          31.   share sth. with sb.與某人分享某物

                                          32.   all through一直,始終

                                          33.   mix with ……混淆

                                          34.   be puzzled about……有疑惑

                                          35.   replace a as b  替代a成為b

                                          36.   replace a with b b替代a

                                          37.   be served to sb. 被供應給某人

                                          38.   come into widespread use 投入廣泛使用

                                          39.   play a part/role in ……中起作用

                                          40.   even if/though 盡管

                                          41.   raise animals 飼養動物

                                          42.   go through huge changes 經歷巨大變化

                                          43.   ought to 應該

                                          44.   differ from=be different from……不同

                                          45.   differ in ……方面不同

                                          46.   on the whole大體上,總的來說,用于最后總結

                                          47.   as a whole 總的來說

                                          48.   conclude sth.with sth. ……結束

                                          49.   conclude from ……中得出結論

                                          50.   in conclusion 最后,總之

                                          51.   make/draw a conclusion 得出結論

                                          52.   ban sb. from doing sth.=forbid sb. to do sth./ forbid sb. from doing sth. 禁止某人做某事

                                          53.   concern oneself in/with sth.=be concerned in/with sth. 參與某事

                                          54.   concern oneself about/for=be concerned about/for關心,擔心

                                          55.   as far as sb. be concerned 據某人所知

                                          56.   show deep concern for ……十分關心

                                          57.   be embarrassed about ……難堪

                                          58.   embarrass sb. with sth/by doing sth.因為某事使某人難堪

                                          59.   distinguish between…..辨別,識別

                                          60.   distinguish a from b  辨別ab

                                          61.   distinguish oneself 使自己出眾

                                          62.   be distinguished/known/famous for ……而出名

                                          63.   for convenience (of sb.) 為了方便起見

                                          64.   at one’s convenience  在某人方便的時候

                                          65.   it is convenient for sb. to do sth.某人方便做某事

                                          66.   in that 因為,在于,由于

                                          67.   put together 匯集,組裝

                                          68.   over time 隨時間推移

                                          69.   develop from……發展而來

                                          70.   turn into 變成

                                          71.   be of practical use 具有實際用途

                                          72.   have access to…. ..有權利做某事,可進入……

                                          73.   work on致力于

                                          74.   pick up偶然學會,接某人

                                          75.   work as 擔任……

                                          76.   keep on doing sth.繼續做某事,動作有間斷

                                          77.   keep doing  動作無間斷

                                          78.   hunt/search for獵尋,搜尋

                                          79.   combine a with/and b 使ab組合

                                          80.   battle with sb.與某人戰爭

                                          81.   battle to do sth. 奮力做某事(struggle to do sth.

                                          82.   句型 that is why……(接結果)

                                          83.   句型 this is because……(接原因)

                                          84.   句型 it is +adj.+for sb./of sb.to do sth.

                                          85.   句型it is no use/no good/ a waste of time/useless/ no fun/worth doing sth.

                                          86.   主語從句:it is +名詞+從句

                                                    it is +形容詞+從句

                                                    it is +過去分詞+從句

                                                    it +不及物動詞+從句

                                          87.   a is made up of b ab組成

                                          88.   a consist of b  a 包括b     

                                          89.   take control of  控制住

                                          90.   gain independence from xxx手中獲取獨立

                                          91.   gain access to sth 有使用某東西的權利

                                          92.   make fun of =tease  取笑

                                          93.   be less likely to do  很少有可能做某事

                                          94.   be simplified  被簡化了

                                          95.   distinguish their meanings 區分他們的意思

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